The ARIADNE Infrastructure

One of the main design principles in ARIADNE is to make everything disappear but the benefits. Within ARIADNE, we have therefore created a number of tools that are meant to make it easy to share and reuse learning resources.

The Moodle bridge is a module for the Moodle learning management system. If this module is deployed, users of the LMS can

  1. issue a query to both ARIADNE and GLOBE,
  2. import a found resource directly from the GLOBE network into the LMS, and therefore
  3. make this resource available for other users.

The ARIADNE finder is a standalone search tool that lets users search learning material and browse the results. The finder hides protocols and standards that are used in the middle layer. Among its capabilities, it supports facetted searching in ARIADNE and GLOBE. The finder can be coupled on any repository that supports the SQI standard and describes its content with IEEE LOM.

The ALOCOM Powerpoint plugin can be used while creating a presentation from within powerpoint to find interesting material in ARIADNE and GLOBE, that can be included in the presentation. Besides that, it can be used to store a created presentation into the ARIADNE repository where it is available for users from GLOBE.

Both the Moodle bridge and the ALOCOM powerpoint plugin enable users to search for relevant content from within their usual environment, which

  • offers opportunities to use their context for enriching their search criteria
  • enables us to integrate the services in their familiar workow, so that they do not need to go to a web site to call the services.


Search in the GLOBE Network

The ARIADNE Finder