Open Federations 2013: Speakers



Prof. Gajaraj Dhanarajan

Affiliation: Vice-Chancellor and CEO of Wawasan Open University
Project: OER Asia
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Prof. Gajaraj will join us to share his 30-year long experience in the field of distance education and open learning, focusing on his experiences from the OER Asia project that is an Asia Forum for sharing information, views and opinion, research studies and knowledge resources in addition to guidelines and toolkits on good practices on and about Open Education Resources in the Asian Region.

Stefan Dietze 

Affiliation: Research Group Leader in L3S Research Center of the Leibniz University Hanover, Germany
Project: LinkedUp Project
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Stefan will join the ARIADNE/GLOBE Convening to talk about how federations and aggregators can expose their data and metadata using linked data approaches. He will discuss on the main technical and methodological barriers that Linked Open Data face today. 

Peter Szegedi 

Affiliation: Project Development Officer in TERENA Media Force
Project: Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association (TERENA)

Peter will join us to share with us the success story of the TERENA Network and discuss on the problems and challenges TERENA faced to achieve that. He will share his experience as a Project Development Officer in TERENA, assisting the task forces and contributing to technical projects and workshops.

Sofoklis Sotiriou 

Affiliation: Director of the R&D department of Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Athens, Greece
Project: Open Discovery Space (ODS)
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Sofoklis will focus on how content from data aggregators and networks is being used within schools. He will discuss on what is missing from the content and services offered to schools to make them more appealing and useful for their audiences. 





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