Open Federations 2013: Open Knowledge Sharing for Education



Open Federations 2013: Open Knowledge Sharing for Education

A Convening of Aggregators & Networks of Educational Repositories

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The GLOBAL LEARNING OBJECTS BROKERING EXCHANGE (GLOBE, and the ARIADNE Foundation ( Open Knowledge Sharing on Education of groups and initiatives working on educational resources, repositories and federations.


This meeting took place on Monday April 8th, co-located with the International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK'13,, in Leuven, Belgium.

This convening on Open Knowledge Sharing on Education brought together traditional stakeholders working on educational repositories and federations, as well as new, dynamic groups that are working on emerging trends. The event had an interactive and engaging format in order to allow participants to brainstorm on common problems, share experiences, and explore synergies among global and regional learning federation initiatives. Invited speakers presented state-of-art problems and possible solutions related to the way digital educational collections may be unlocked and networked. 

During the same week, the ARIADNE General Assembly and the annual GLOBE meeting took place. In addition, LAK'13 hosted a relevant Workshop on Learning Object Analytics for Collections, Repositories & Federations that is supported by both communities (   


  This consultation was also promoted using financial support of the  FP7 SemaGrow project 

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