Dr. Jad Najjar

Jad is the R&D director at Eummena. He is also assistant professor at AL-Quds University (Jerusalem) and senior research expert in EU projects and standards bodies in learning technologies, metadata, attention/usage metadata, learning management systems, competences based educational systems, repositories and specifications. He is involved in the European CEN/ISSS Workshop on Learning Technologies and ARIADNE Foundation for knowledge pool. Jad worked as senior researcher at Institute for Information Systems and New Media, WU Vienna and served as workpackage and team leader on iCoper eContentPlus project, focused on development and evaluation of learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competencies) standards and systems.
He was a post-doc (and before a doctoral) researcher at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, in the Computer Science Department, HMDB (Hypermedia and Database) research unit.
His research interests are:
•    Attention metadata, competency metadata models, eportfolios, metadata of learning objects, empirical analysis on actual use of metadata and learning objects, interoperability, metadata application profile.
•    Human Computer Interaction, user studies, usability engineering and software testing.
•    Web engineering.
•    Conceptual modeling.

Jad is a co-author of the Contextualized Attention Metadata (CAM) and Personal Achieved Learning Outcomes  (PALO) specifications; focused on tracking and managing data about user attention, interests and achievements across systems and contexts.
Furthermore, He worked on  MACE and MELT eContent+ projects.

Jad serves as reviewer and program committee member on several international journals and conferences.

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