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Agroknow  is a young start-up company that has a clear research focus on knowledge-intensive technology innovation for agriculture and rural development. Agroknow develops systems and services for agricultural knowledge organization and delivery, using Semantic Web technologies and Web 2.0 tools. It also explores their deployment and testing in sectors such as agricultural research, education & training, commerce, and public administration. Agroknow is following European and international standardization initiatives in relation to the agricultural data representation and storage, with involvement in fora such as AIMS of FAO and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). Agroknow members are active contributors in such initiatives, working on agricultural information standards and specifications, agricultural metadata and ontologies, as well as agricultural taxonomies and thesauri.

Agroknow has strategic partnerships with several organizations around the world to develop joint projects such as the new AGRIS harvesting/ingestion procedures with FAO; the Green Open Educational Resources Commons (Green OER-C) with the Institute for Knowledge Management and Education (ISKME), USA; and promoting and validating video-recording farmer practices from India with the Digital Green spin-off of Microsoft Research India. It actively supports, organizes and participates in events that bring technology and educational stakeholders with agricultural and rural applications and communities, such as the 2011 Green Hackathon and the annual Green Ideas. It has participated in several EU-funded initiatives and projects – currently being a key partner in the CIP PSP Organic.Lingua and FP7 agINFRA projects.

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